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What is NMSA?

New Mexico School for the Arts is the only four-year, statewide, public high school serving young artists across New Mexico with a rigorous, award-winning dual-curriculum arts mastery and academics program.

What does NMSA do?

NMSA provides students with intensive, pre-professional instruction in four major arts disciplines (Visual Arts, Music, Theater, Dance) and one minor (Creative Writing & Literature), taught daily by master teachers and professional artists in a 3-hour arts block that takes place after the academic day.

Who can go to NMSA?

NMSA is open to all students in New Mexico who qualify through a blind, competitive audition and portfolio admissions process held every February.

Do I have to be from Santa Fe to attend NMSA?

NMSA provides a Sunday-Thursday Residential Program to students who live too far away for the daily commute.

Who attends NMSA?

NMSA’s ethnically and socioeconomically diverse student body hails from 29 communities/pueblos in 7 counties. Almost half of the school’s 217 students are minorities.

What makes NMSA’s curriculum unique?

NMSA’s artist-in-residence program, guest critics and partnerships with other prestigious arts institutions augment daily arts instruction. Learning opportunities extend to studio work, in-the-field instruction, presentations, performances, exhibitions and internships.

How is the school paid for?

The school’s academic program is funded through state charter by the state of New Mexico; funding for the arts program is entirely dependent on private sector and foundation support.

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